« True Zen »

« True Zen »


Some seek « true Zen » by discriminating against other traditions for what they do or do not do, say or do not say. To be right or wrong, however, does not make sense in Zen. Only the fact of manifesting the truth matters. The one that is lived, chewed and re-chewed, the one that everyone experiences and expresses differently.

No one can manifest reality as experienced intimately by another person. No one can do it for you. Finding out who is right or wrong is like discussing the quality of the frame when the house is on fire. Often it’s just fallacy and rhetoric … but it’s not Zen.

So, Zennists, Chanists and Buddhists of all stripes, show YOURSELF the way you experience the Way. Do not base your practice on arguments, which is why others would be wrong to experience the practice in this or that way. There are a thousand colors in the rainbow of traditions. All teach the same truth:

Zen is the personal manifestation of our universal nature. This encompasses all things in all places, in us and around us, without any distinctions.