Contacts / Links

DWZS/OZHY is currently composed of the following Zen Hermitages :

  • « Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage » (DWZH) / « Ermitage Zen Vents du Dharma » founded by DaShi YaoXin in Belgium. This Zen Hermitage is the Mother-Hermitage of DWZS/OZHY.

  • « South-Hut Zen Hermitage » / « Ermitage Zen de la Cabane du Sud » (EZCS) founded by Shi Qian Men in Southern France. This Zen Hermitage is a Branch-Hermitage of DWZS/OZHY.

  • « Morning Sky Zen Sangha » / « Ermitage Ciel du Matin » (MSZS) founded by Heng Dao Shakya. This Zen Hermitage is a Branch-Hermitage of DWZS/OZHY.

  • « Dragon Mountain Zen Hermitage » / « Ryoo Zan An », founded in Montana, USA. This Zen Hermitage is a Branch-Hermitage of DWZS/OZHY.

  • BodhiBass, founded by Upasaka Mark ShenJing Gilenson, Israel. This website and Zen group is a Branch Hermitage of DWZS/OZHY —

  • The « Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun » ( is a Zen Buddhist Order with the purpose of sharing the teachings of Master Hsu Yun and the great masters of the Chinese Zen (Chan) Lineage to the West  –

  •, founded by Chan monk Shi Pu Cheng, a fine connoisseur of Chan and a dear friend of our sangha. The most complete reference regarding great master HsuYun’s teachings. –
  • A single Thread Sangha, reverend Zen Priest Yao Xiang Shakya community website, full of her wonderful Dharma texts, paintings and more importantly: the bright light of our dear MingZhen Shakya’s Dharma –
  • The Order of Engaged Buddhists was founded by Venerable XiKen ShenXi, a Fully Ordained Zen Priest and a Transmitted Dharma Holder in the dual Chan Linji and Soto Zen Lineage of Venerable Shi MoHua (Holmes Welch) and Soyu Matsuoka Roshi through Ryugen Fisher (Shi Shen Long).

    The Order of Engaged Buddhists is a contemporary Buddhist monastic community who’s foundational teaching platform honors the Mahayana Ch’an and Soto Zen lineage of his founder with an emphasis on academic study and contemplative spiritual practice .

  • Blue Mountain White Clouds Hermitage is an international Soto Zen Sangha in the lineage of Gudo Wafu Nishijima Roshi, founded by his guiding teacher: Zen Master Taigu Turlur. With the purpose of sharing Zen in our Western context through: Zen Sitting (Shikantaza), Zen Sewing (Nyoho e Kesa) and Koan Study.

  • Bodhidharma Chan Community (Damo Chan Yuen) is a German sangha lead by our dear brother Fa Yi Shakya in the Chan Linji lineage of our dear JyDin Shakya through the ChuanZhi line Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun.

  • Dharma Light Buddhist society is a website dedicated to the dissemination and practice of the Humanistic Shingon Buddhism of Saint Kobo Daishi as shared by Master Yukan (Vira Avalokita SThera).