Song of the Open Door to Dharma Winds

Song of the Open Door to Dharma Winds


Heaven, earth, sun, moon, mountains, rivers, this vast world is in truth the Grand Kasaya of the Buddha. 

Every day, however, you enter through the six doors, seeking what has never left you. Stop losing your precious life! On the Zen pathless way, keep faith in your Buddha Nature, harmonize with the masters, their teachings and their methods. At every moment, investigate Zen. At every moment, look with sincerity deep inside of What Is, without adding anything. 

Right View, Right Action. Naturally, Manifest your Universal Nature. Wherever you are, when your mind is confused, shines the flame of Attention! By the attention to the breath, by the recitation of a sacred formula or by the practice of Wu/Mu, enter into Inner Silence. 

Established in Concentration, turn the Light of Attention inward. At this moment, who is attentive to the breath? Who recites the sacred formula? Where is Wu/Mu? Sincerely observe the root of what is born and what dies, without attaching to birth or death. 

Established in the Union, Concentration and Observation in harmony, All sounds are the Subtle Breath! All sounds are sacred formulas! All sounds are Wu/Mu! In the letting go, the voice of KuanYin / Kannon resonates everywhere. 

The True Door has no door. Here, neither mundane nor sacred, just the authentic person. Samadhi Sans-Traces is free of shapes and space, within the shape and the space … The Cosmic Breath. So go, without traces, and let your True Nature manifest itself in you, through you, around you.

Amituofo! Amituofo! Amituofo!


Rev. YaoXin Shakya