Zen texts/Ressources


Selection of Chan (Zen) Teachings in English (pdf) 

DWZS Basic Daily Zen_Liturgy

ZBOHY Daily Zen Liturgy

Empty Cloud: the teachings of Xu Yun (a basic study manual of our Order)

Heart of Empty Cloud (Selection of Teachings from Empty Cloud)

Selection of Teachings by Great Master HsuYun

Selection of Teachings by Great Master Hanshan

The Maxims of Great Master Hanshan

Autobiography of Great Master Hanshan Deqing (translated and edited by our two founders, JyDin Shakya and my late Dharma Teacher MingZhen Shakya)

Hanshan’s Pure Land of the Patriarchs   (Teachings on PureLand practice by Chan master Hanshan Deqing)

The Heart of Keeping the Light (Selection of Teachings from 48 methods to Nienfo)

Pure Light of Bliss (Basic Amitabha Sutras with a commentary article by Ming Zhen Shakya)

Flowers of Wu (20 koans from The Gateless Gate)

Diamond Heart, Essence of Prajna (the Heart and Diamond Sutras with a commentary article by Ming Zhen Shakya)

The 6th Patriarch Platform Sutra (Master Huineng’s Teachings)

Chants of the Patriarchs (Enlightenment Gathas by Chan Master of our tradition)

Treatise on the Essentials of Cultivating the Mind (Essential Chan teachings by the 5th Patriach of Chan)

The Dharma of Mind Transmission (Chan teachings on Mind By Master Huang-Po)

Entering the Tao of Sudden Enlightenment   (Chan Teachings on Mind by Master HuiHai)

Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana (a manual of study and practice)

The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment

Vajra Samadhi sutra (a philosophical sutra marrying Zen and HuaYen)

The Seventh World of Chan Buddhism (an intermediate study manual of our Order) by MingZhen Shakya

Sélection d’enseignements en Français (pdf)

Liturgie Quotidienne Version Courte

Le Tranchant de l’épée Vajra (Enseignements de Maitre Hanshan)

Instructions classiques pour l’assise Zen

10 Histoires Zen par Ming Zhen Shakya