DWZS/OZHY – English

« Dharma Winds Zen Sangha/Ordre Zen de HsuYun » (DWZS/OZHY) is a community of Zen groups/hermitages, under the Chan/Zen teachings of his main teacher, Shi Yao Xin. DWZS/OZHY is an official ordination platform of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun – ZBOHY (zatma.org) in Europe.

The Linji (jp. Rinzai) and YunMen (jp. Ummon) Chan/Zen Lineage of Grand Master HsuYun and Fo Yuan Shakya, through Chan Master WeiMiao Jy Din Shakya and Venerable Dharma Teacher Chuan Yuan MingZhen Shakya (the founders of the Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun) and their Dharma Heirs, is the Root Lineage of DWZS/OZHY, in which all our fully ordained Zen Priests are ordained.


The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun was founded by DaShi WeiMiao JyDin ( who was a close disciple and translator of GrandMaster Hsu Yun) and the founders of the Nan Hua Zen Buddhist Society (Ming Zhen Shakya and her students).

The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun is a Zen Buddhist Order with the purpose of sharing the teachings of Master Hsu Yun and the great masters of the Chinese Zen (Chan) Lineage to the West.


Shi Yao Xin is serving the community as « Dharma Winds Zen Sangha/Ordre Zen de Hsu Yun » (DWZS/OZHY) « Prior » and Shi Qian Men is DWZS/OZHY’s « Vice-Prior », may they share our Zen Heritage with simplicity, humility and sincerity!

Yao Xin’s late Zen hermitage (Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage – DWZH – ventsdudharma.com) is the « Mother Hermitage of DWZS/OZHY ». Shi Qian Men’s hermitages (Southern Hut Zen Hermitage – bouddhisme-chan-france.com) is a « Branch-Hermitages of DWZS/OZHY » who supported its work of sincere sharing of our Dharma in Europe ever since.

IMG_20170531_003203Shi Yao Xin is a Senior Dharma Teacher in the Linji/Yunmen Lineage of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun. He serves the Abbatial Council of ZBOHY as « Co-Prior of the Order ».

He founded DWZS/OZHY and serves as « Prior » of the Sangha.

Shi Yao Xin has also been honored by receiving full ordination as a Zen Priest and Dharma Holder in the Order of Engaged Buddhists (OEB) . He has been authorized to teach the Dharma as represented by OEB’s Prior ordaining lineage which is both Ch’an and Soto Zen, by Rev. Shi Shen-Xi Astor, and was conferred with the dharma name of Chang-Yao. He is also honored to serve as Sub-Prior of the Order of Engaged Buddhists.

Shi Yao Xin is also honored to deepen his study of Soto Zen Buddhism under Master Taigu Turlur, founder and guiding teacher of « Blue Mountain White Clouds Hermitage« .



Shi Qian Men was a Soto Zen monastic for more than 20 years. He is a Fully Ordained Zen Priest  and a Dharma Holder in the lineage of DWZS/OZHY. He is also the founder and Dharma Teacher of «Southern Hut Zen Hermitage» ( Ermitage Zen La Cabane du Sud), in Southern France.

The purpose of this website is to be a tool for communication and coherence between French-speaking Zen Hermitages of DWZS/OZHY and to be an help in the process of sharing the Zen (Chan) Buddhist practices and teachings with everyone wishing to seriously follow the Buddha’s EightFold Path in one of our Zen Hermitages.

DWZS/OZHY is composed of different « Zen Hermitages », each one being lead by a Fully Ordained Zen Buddhist Priest (sometimes wrongly called monk). Each of DWZS/OZHY’s Fully Ordained Zen Priests is both authorized to teach as a Dharma Teacher by Shi YaoXin and affiliated to the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun as a fully ordained Zen Priest.

A Zen Hermitage is primarly a place were a priest lives and shares his Buddhist practice with others. It is a place to practice in simplicity, sincerity and humility and doesn’t necessary offer all the services a Buddhist temple or monastery may offer.

DWZS/OZHY is not a proselytising institution. We give precepts free of charge to people demonstrating a sincere desire to follow the Buddha’s EightFold Path through the Five Lay Precepts and Three Refuges.

People demonstrating a more profound engagement with one of our teachers may enter into the Path of Zen Buddhist Priesthood by asking to receive Novice-Ordination through one of DWZS/OZHY’s Fully Ordained Zen Priests, after a period of discernment made of study, practice and TsanChan (jp.: sanzen = dokusan, eng.: Zen meeting) with a Dharma Teacher.

Our Sangha follows the Five Lay Precepts and the Mahayana Vinaya transmitted by the « Brahma Net Sutra », sometimes called the « Bodhisattva Precepts ». That means that we give « 10 Major Bodhisattva Precepts Ordination » to Novices, « 10+48 Bodhisattva Precepts for Full-Ordination » to our fully ordained priests (Dharma Teachers), and that we transmit « Mind Eye Transmission » in the Zen Lineage of Linji/YunMen to our Senior Dharma Teachers. This is why our Sangha is said to be a « semi-monastic » or « reformed » Zen (Chan) Community. That means that our community, like the Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun we are affiliated to, is a lay community of Chan/Zen Priests. Our Priests aren’t monks and do not follow the full 250 Vinaya rules set. They are lay Dharma Teachers having taken the Mahyana precepts from the Brahma Net Sutra.


DWZS/OZHY is a Western and reformed Zen (Chan) Buddhist Community, we try to be traditional regarding teachings and practices and modern regarding forms. We use the Internet and tools such as Skype, Google Hangout, Google Drive and others as Skillfull Means to organize and tie bounds within our Sangha (community), such is the purpose of this website.

The Zen practice of Sewing the Kasaya Robe is one of the practices that DWZS/OZHY cherishes. Our Priests may sew their own Zen Buddhist Robes, including the Wagesa, Rakusu, Bangasa and Full Kasaya Robe.

It is thus because DWZS/OZHY is formed of people originally coming from Chinese, Japanese and Korean Zen Buddhism, and some features of each of these traditions may thus be used for the purpose of adapting our practices and teachings to our Western context in order, we hope, to plant a seed of Simple, Humble and Sincere « Western Zen ».


Like many Buddhist families, the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun lived a split in 2003. Today, there are therefore two Zen Orders coming from the same source. We appreciate the work of dissemination of the Zen teachings by these two orders but we are only linked to the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY – ZATMA.org). We are childrens of Shakyamuni, Huineng, Hanshan, Hsuyun, Jydin, Foyuan and Mingzhen and this is our only teaching lineage.

Both orders count direct heirs of DaShi WeiMiao JyDin and other Dharma heirs of GrandMaster HsuYun. All trying to practice and teach Chinese Zen (Chan) sincerely in our Western context.

May we transcend our nuances,

Like Two Flowers born from the same seed,

May we sprout the seed in our Western lands,

And know the Land of Bliss, Here and Now !