Knowing the sacred

Knowing the sacred


Knowing the sacred and recognizing the true divine where it is, that’s how we recognize a practitioner of the way.

He is not attached or disgusted by concepts like that of god or divine. It is he who sees in the ideas of others a latent, vestigial form of Christianity when they use when they use a Christian term to designate the divine / sacred universal.

Those are precisely those who are trapped in concepts, and whose minds are so influenced by the latent forms of Christianity. The proof is that he does not perceive the universal significance of the sacred. And implies an obligatory relation between the divine and the divinity.

Besides the judeo Christian heritage which always serves as benchmarks, even if he stands in opposition to him, he can only conceive of the divinity as a creator, which is not a real problem since ‘it is BUT the divinity is not an external, separate element.

Everything and everyone participates. It is neither exterior nor interior, which would be a limited view. It is emptiness itself. This emptiness and our Buddhist nature, our universal nature which embraces all form and everything.