Mountain Liturgy

Le bonze en entrainement Kuoshou nous propose une manière simple d’adapter notre pratique quotidienne à la nature, afin de faire de notre pratique un pèlerinage sur la montagne intérieure.

Amituofo !

YaoXin Shi


Ryoo Zan An 龍山庵

Nature is a place in which we can experience rebirth of mind, body and spirit. But just putting on your hiking shoes and tuning your I-phone or I-pod to your favorite beats is not what I am taking about. What I am talking about is taking the practice out of the meditation hall and using it in a natural non-man-made setting. It does not always mean that you have to find high mountain peaks or deep mountain valleys, but rather someplace that is not traveled so often and is peacefully nature. It could be a walk through a thicket of spruce or cottonwood in the neighborhood park, along river or creek near your home or even a stroll along the beach. Or possible is you have a large plot of land or a large garden there you have it. This is the first thing that one needs to find to…

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