November 2021 Ordination announcement

The month of November is always a special time of the year for our Sangha.

First, this is the month of the year in which we celebrate our Original Order’s anniversary. The Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun, was founded on November 8 1997 by Great Master WeiMiao JyDin Shakya and ChuanYuan MingZhen Shakya with ChuanZhi Shakya has its first Western Abbot. The Order was under the authority of the Hawaii Buddhist Association like the HsuYun Temple of Honolulu, both lead by our founder Great Master WeiMiao Jydin Shakya.

This was also the day of our Chan Order first ordination ceremony, 24 years ago.

Secondly, this is the month were we celebrate the Ancestors and Ghosts Ceremony, some of our local groups perform the ceremony at Halloween. It is a special time to remember those who have left and to dedicate the merit of our practice to all beings, material and imaterial who need the Dharma.

During this month, we especially remember our dear teacher, ChuanYuan MingZhen Shakya (Emma Barrows) who passed into Nirvana on November 19 2016. We are grateful for her wonderful teachings and the light of loving presence still shines in our community.

Thirdly, this Sunday 7th November four new clergy brothers have received Novice Priest Ordination, completing their initial study and practice and marking their entry into our sangha’s clergy.

We warmly welcome:

Br. ShenDao 深道 – Profound Way

Br. ShenHai 深海 – Profound Ocean

Br. ShenFa 深法 – Profound Dharma

Br. ShenZhi 深智 – Profound Wisdom

May those new Novice Priests be the future pillars of the tradition as the dedication of merits of the ordination ceremony says so well.

Deep and humble bows to each one of them!

Thanks to them for being the next generation.

Dear brothers, welcome in this humble path of study and practice.

May each one of you study the Way with One Body/Mind and serve others!

One Precept!

Reveal the Source,

Save all beings.

AmituoFo !

AmituoFo !

AmituoFo !